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Is the World Heating Up?

The Amazon is on fire, news outlets say it’s our hottest year to date, and, yet, there are still those saying climate change isn’t real and the world is not heating up. This begs the question, who is telling the truth? Is the temperature rising? From watching icebergs melt away at an alarming rate to examining the effects of rising sea levels on island nations, it seems there is clear evidence pointing to an answer. With climate change wrapped up in politics, it becomes hard to discriminate fact

2020 Black History Month Collection

Our 2020 Black History Month Collection is one of our best yet. As a company, we strive to bring you the best clothing from the material to the prints. This collection is filled with vibrant, bold statement pieces that will allow you to show off your cultural pride! The versatile collection also offers more casual selections for the everyday kings and queens. We hope that this collection makes you feel empowered and proud of your roots. Our outfits in this collection can be worn on a busy day at

Programs for Teaching Abroad

There are many resources for finding teaching jobs overseas. Teaching English abroad is a great way to immerse oneself in another country while earning money. Many people who cannot afford to travel choose this route so they generate an income while living out travel fantasies. A quick search of teaching abroad will yield many results, some reputable companies and others scams. It’s important to do research on every company before choosing to apply. Listed below are a few well-known programs.
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